Welcome to Maggy’s Books! My new website to display my published works, works currently pending publication, and works in progress.

I have a Patreon where I will be giving more in depth updates and sneak peaks of my writing. I hope to eventually do cover reveals there and early releases of youtube videos for the channel I hope to get up and running now that I have a computer capable of processing video without dying of heat stroke.

Currently I have several short stories that have been accepted by Cobblestone Press, a electronic romance publisher specializing in sensual and erotic romance as well as erotica short stories. Though the rest of my books will probably end up being self pub.

Here are my in progress projects for you to look at and here is my Facebook page, I have the Twitter as well, I’m @coupletmargaret.

The Spring Prince

Links: Cobblestone Press, Amazon

The Summer Princess

Links: Cobblestone Press, Amazon

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